Population: 20,000

Noble Ruler: Baron Garret VonWrath – human – 7th generation VonWrath – his great great great great grandfather established Wrath as a mining / trading post nearly 150 years ago

Lord Mayor: Alassar Snape – human wizard

City Council: 7 members as elected by the townsfolk

The general army of Wrath, the Crimson Spear, numbers nearly 1,000 and are well trained, seasoned soldiers. They are used to defending against raids from outlawed bandit raiders as well as more evil denizens such as orcs, goblins, worgs and even ogres.

Key neighbours/allies:

The surrounding villages supply Wrath with all the basic necessities required to live. The produce and crops from local farms are more than sufficient to supply the city with enough leftover to be sold in Wrath’s Banvrip Market. Coal, iron ore and lumber also come into Wrath in abundance.

Several shops surround the market square and can provide all of the main adventuring gear required. There are multiple black smith shops within Wrath, one specializing in armoury, another in weapons and yet another in basic metal smithing such as horseshoes, rakes, hoes, plows and other rudimentary implements. There are also shops for various artisans and craftsmen but only a few high priced specialty shops exist.

One of the specialty shops is called The Isosceles Triangle. It is run by a female gnome named Fhakhan the Seeker or Fhak for short. She is a master alchemist and like all gnomes is partial to inventions of grandeur (or grand failure). There is also a shop that specializes in all things arcane. It is actually a franchised shop called Featherfall Apothecary. The flagship store is located in the capital city of Thyatis while a second store that is just as large and perhaps more profitable exists in Falnost. Featherfall Apothecary has some magical potions, several arcane magical items for sale (although limited in comparison to the shops in Thyatis and Falnost) and a selection of ritual books and scrolls. Due to the extensive forest and fauna surrounding the city there are also plenty of roots, plants and other spell components that are for sale as well. Most of what is sold in the shop is purchased from visiting adventurers or soldiers who have looted corpses or strongholds after a victory on the battelfield. Some items are sent in from head office if the need is great enough.

If a consumer is looking for a specific magical item, his or her best chance of acquiring it in Wrath is by visiting the travelling merchants who frequent the Banvrip Market from around Kargan. If the merchant does not have a desired item on hand most times it can be acquired given enough time and money.

The Hired Hand – Adventurers looking for work in Wrath can visit this local mercenary placement agency. Most adventurers start out this way in Wrath (unless specifically summoned) until they make a name for themselves. Even seasoned adventurers who may have notoriety in other parts of Kargan must first start at The Hired Hand. Once you have proven your reliability and skill you may be hired directly by wealthy employers or by the Baron himself (although you may never meet him yourself). Much of his administration is handled by the Lord Mayor, Alassar Snape, a greasy, silver tongued human wizard.

What guilds exist?

The Smithy Guild – has a union office located around the three blacksmith shops. That area of town has been nicknamed The Furnace. Members of the Smithy Guild – Wrath branch communicate with guilds in other cities and towns to help set standardized pricing across the region.

Nature Guild – Due to the plethora of forests and fauna in the countryside surrounding Wrath there is a nature guild called Trappers and Trackers that has been established. Rangers, druids, and other devotees of nature stop in to discuss all things primal. A sister merchant store is attached to the same building called the Primal Spirit. Totems, primal foci, furs and leathers, traps, tracking gear and other primal items can be purchased from here. There are also trained messenger animals and familiars that can be acquired for a price.

What temples exist?
Almost all the gods have temples established in the city of Wrath. Of note, however, is the limited presence of the followers of Bahamut.

Erathis, the God of Civilization, is rumoured to have granted a boon to the VonWrath’s that allowed the city to grow into its current splendour. As such, the temple of Erathis, is the largest and grandest of all the temples in the city.

The following Gods have varying sizes of temples established in the city
Avandra (Good – trade, travel, adventure, frontier)
Bahamut (Lawful Good – justice, protection, nobility and honour)
Corellon (Unaligned – arcane magic, the fey, spring, beauty, arts)
Ioun (Unaligned – knowledge, skill, prophecy, sages, seers and tacticians)
Kord (Unaligned – storm god, lord of battle, strength and battlefield prowess)
Melora (Unaligned – wilderness and the sea)
Moradin (Lawful Good – creation, artisans, miners, smiths)
Pelor (Good – sun, summer, keeper of time)
The Raven Queen (Unaligned – god of death, spinner of fate, patron of winter)
Sehanine (Unaligned – moon, autumn, trickery, illusions)

Other Background:
The public sewage system in Wrath is state of the art and his efforts to grow the city bring merchants in from across the four corners of Valen providing its citizens with access to world fair most other city states do not enjoy.

The College of Wizardry was established by the Baron to add prestige to the city. The cost of having apprentice mages and sorcerers act as Keepers of Light (using wizards light spells to light the city streets) has not been cheap but has added a flair to the city that is marvelled and talked about across the lands.

Wrath’s spring festival devoted to Corellon is the grandest light display in all the lands. Wizards, sorcerers and illusionists from across Valen come to Wrath on the first day of spring every year to partake in the festivities. The resulting display of colours and lights is so awe inspiring that a temporary village springs up outside the city walls. The King of Falnost himself makes it a point to enjoy the spring festival every year.

Travel too has been made easier by recent enhancements to Wrath. The Baron commissioned a permanent teleportation circle that was established just outside the city gates. It is manned at peak travel times by the Majester of Travel (who will cast the linked portal ritual for a fee), a city Majestrate (to collect the fee for casting the Linked Portal ritual, or for using the portal for your own ritual), and two city guards who ensure payment is made. For a fee you can purchase travel to any major centre with a permanent teleportation circle. Those with knowledge of any type of linked portal ritual can quickly get to Wrath from anywhere on this plane of existence!


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